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Services 服務

Hong Kong Company Formation

We will prepare the formation documents for our customers to sign within 1 to 2 days. After document signed, we will arrange the filing and the application of the certificate of incorporation. Following the incorporation of a Hong Kong limited company, we will submit the application for a business registration certificate for the company. In order to assist our customers to open a bank account in Hong Kong, we will provide you certified true copies of the respective documents which is necessary for the opening of a bank account. We will also help to arrange appointment with bankers if necessary.

Our Hong Kong Company Formation Service includes:

- Proposed company name search
- Provide sample Memorandum and Article of Association ("M&A")
- Prepare and submit appointment of directors, company secretary, founder members and related documents
- Collect Certificate of Incorporation ("CI") and Business Registration License ("BR")
- Provide certified true copy documents
- Green box set: 

     Include 10 copies of "M&A", 1 statutory book, 1 share certificates book, 1 seal and 2 chops

Offshore Company Formation

We also provide offshore company formation services (BVI, Bermuda, Samoa, etc.). Please contact our staff for further details.




我們亦有提供成立海外公司服務 (如: 英屬維爾京群島公司, 百慕達公司, 薩摩亞群島公司),詳情請與我們聯絡。

Incorporation 公司註冊

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