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Services 服務

Corporate Financing Advisory

In line with the business development, company may require additional funding in order to expand or explore new market. Apart from using bank loan as an additional source of funding, you may also consider to introduce institutional investors or to issue convertible bonds or to apply for listing to raise additional funds. We can provide preliminary consultancy to you based on our professional knowledge, experience and network in the markets to help you preparing business proposal, feasibility study or market research aiming to achieve your goal and obtain success.

IPO Preparation

We also focus on quality client preparing for listing. Through our works, we are capable of facilitating both pre and post IPO.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have accumulated experience in handling mergers and acquisitions both in Hong Kong and China. We are also involved in advising offeror and offeree companies in relation to takeovers and share repurchases.

We will provide our best quotation based on the company’s situation and the scope of services required.








Corporate Finance 企業融資

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